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18 GRAMS is Hong Kong's premium specialty coffee company, our aim is to provide excellent high quality coffee. We have our own roasting facility in Hong Kong so we can roast fresh and control the quality with the higest standard.  We have numberous cafes spread out around Hong Kong, each of our location is a cozy and inviting coffee bar with some of the best coffee sourced globally around the world. We can also brew the coffee with your method of choice, this will bring out and high light the different characteristics of the coffee 

Each coffee bean is grind upon order, this will ensure the maximum flavor extracted from the coffee bean. All our coffee are roasted and stored under premium conditions, and they are aged properly until their flavors are ripe for extraction. We also match our permium coffee with a fresh produce brunch menu. Spoil yourself with specialty coffee, great food and a cozy atmosphere at each of our cafes.

You can also purchase coffee beans and coffee brewing equipment on our website. We also provide coffee subscription service, where we choose a different coffee bean each week for you to taste periodically.  This can ensure that you can sample the different taste of coffee from different country, region, processing methods and roast profile.  We will rotate seasonally to bring you the freshest pick from different growing regions from around the world. 


Why Choose 18 GRAMS?

At 18 GRAMS we hold the highest standard in producing the best coffee possible.  From sourcing the coffee to roasting and handling, we hold the highest standard to ourselves. 

- We roast our coffee beans fresh in Hong Kong everday.  
- help you choose coffee
- decide what is your flavour
- Market proven we run our cafes and our customers love our coffee (list awards)


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