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Single Origin Drip Bag 掛耳包 (8packs/Box,8包/盒)



Each Drip Bag contains

Net weight: 12g


Options available (only 1 single origin / box)

Colombia | Cafe Granja La Esperanza | Washed

Flavour Notes: orange blossom, lime juice, pistachio, round body


Kenya | Kiganjo | Washed AA Top

Flavour Notes: blackcurrant, plum, lemongrass, hojicha aftertaste


Ethiopia | Guji Suke Quto | Washed G1

Flavour Notes: jasmine, bergamot, lime, honey, ceylon


Costa Rica | Central Valley Kinka Bear | Yellow Honey

Flavour Notes: orange Peel, grapefruit, sugarcane, chamomile Finish, smooth & silky

Single Origin Drip Bag 掛耳包 (8packs/Box,8包/盒)

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