Tade GG Honey

Tesfaye Bekele is so passionate about coffee farming that he has traveled extensively throughout Central and South America to visit coffee farms and learn about different cultivating and processing methods.


Harvest and Post Harvest

Finding genuine specialty honey lots in Ethiopia is an extreme rarity. The extended supply chain that involves merging many smallholder lots makes it difficult to produce high quality Honey lots. However, since Tesfaye can mill and export his independently, he has the freedom to experiment with different methods.  

Tesfeye has traveled extensively throughout the Americas and has returned inspired by the varying methods in processing coffees. We feel very luck and are absolutely thrilled to get our hands on some of this! 

At the farm’s washing station cherry is typically pulped with an Agared machine (a pulper that has no mucilage remover).  Coffee and its mucilage dry on raised beds where workers turn it regularly to ensure even drying.



Ethiopia Guji Shakiso Tade GG Honey Process

  • Guji Fully Washed